Hobbies and Interests

Anyone who knows me well, knows I am happiest when I am creating something. The following are just a few examples of ways I’ve channeled that energy during my free time.


.I still consider myself firmly in the burgeoning beginner category, but I love cataloging the amazing textures, colors, and living details in the world around me.


In the past I’ve primarily enjoyed painting ceramics as a way to relax. Lately, however, I’m exploring more free-forms of painting with acrylics, water colors, and alcohol inks.


I’ve just rediscovered crochet after an almost 15 year hiatus. I enjoy learning new stitches and patterns. I appreciate the meditative quality of keeping my hands busy while catching up on a favorite show and having something tactile and beautiful to show for it.

Sewing Projects

I learned to sew at the end grad school by taking a couple classes at a local sewing co-op. I’ve fallen in love with my Singer sewing machine (Quantum Stylist 9960) and count it among my prized possessions. The sewing skills also came in handy for mask-making during the pandemic