Podcast Picks – 36 Questions: The Podcast Musical


I listen to podcasts. Boy, do I ever listen to podcasts.  I find these short-form bits of culture the perfect way to multitask, to learn something new while I exercise, drive, unwind from the day. All kinds of podcasts. Science podcasts, tech podcasts, storytelling podcasts. WNCY Studios, NPR, Gimlet Media. They’re the perfect length to invest in during a time in my life where succinct is king.

I’ve also noticed friends will ask for podcast suggestions. Peeps looking for roadtrip fodder will show up occasionally on my facebook feed. However, as an avid listener of the format, I know some episodes are occasionally better than others. I can sometimes recommend the entirety of a podcast series, or sometimes I need to make the age-old plea to stick with something because it “gets better as you go.”

So, it is with that in mind that I thought I would occasionally highlight the odd interesting series or perhaps isolated episode of podcasts that I frequent. There’s so much great content being created, so why not celebrate and share?

So without further delay, here’s suggestion numero uno:

36 Questions: The Podcast Musical is the perfect experimental take on short-form podcast serials. The website connects you to podcast feeds but also links directly to each of three episodes or just the music sans all the narrative bits inbetween.

Jonathan Groff and Jessie Shelton strike a balance create a modern interpretation of a musical by creating a lead female character who records her experience on her cell phone. The plot revolves around a woman who has kept parts of her identity and true self from her husband. With their marriage in shambles, she suggests they try asking one another a list of 36 questions. This list is a very real phenomenon that resulted from a this study and is meant to foster closeness between two people. The idea creates an interesting scaffold for character interaction and development.

Here’s hoping that we see more from Groff and Shelton in the future!












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