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I am eclectic – my mother once used this word to describe me and I have clung to it ever since. My day job right now is science-ing as an Interdisciplinary Ecology PhD candidate at the University of Florida. I currently work on estimating oyster filtration rates in the St. Augustine region, and will also be working on some valuation of oyster-provided ecosystem services and assessing possible payment mechanisms.

In the scientific world, many of us agonize over our labels and what to call ourselves. I am no different. At best, I can say I am something of a marine biologist with interests ranging from education & outreach, connection between communities and policy makers, thoughtful natural resource stewardship, and scientific communication. But additionally I have a yearning to travel, to be creative, and to aggressively engage in the world around me. I am lucky to have had a life rich with learning, interesting experiences, and wonderful people. I hope to share some of these with you when I have the opportunity.

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